Natural Meditation


With the support of free guided meditation downloads, develop a simple daily meditation practice that feels so good that it easily becomes a habit

Higher Guidance


On the basis of daily meditation and energy clearing practices, learn how to reliably open to intuition and higher guidance from your trusted sources

Intuitive Creativity


By connecting to higher guidance, clarify your purpose and gifts, overcome blockages to sharing these with others, and start living in intuitive creative flow


Hi, I'm Matthew Tenzin

I am a meditation teacher, energy clearer and holistic interior designer specializing in the practical daily fusion of meditation, intuition and creativity.

The practices I share are based upon a lifetime of spiritual and creative practice, decades of meditation, years spent in solitary retreat as a Buddhist monk, years of training in intuitive arts, and years of applying all of this to my work as a holistic interior designer.

Through free guided meditations and intuition trainings, I help fellow spiritual creatives calm their mind, connect with the peace and clarity of higher guidance, and release the inner blockages to sharing their unique creative magic with the world.