Hi, I’m Matthew Tenzin. I am a meditation teacher, energy clearer and interior designer specializing in the practical daily fusion of meditation, intuition and creativity. I am the founder of the holistic design consultancy, True Home, and a principal designer at Joe McGuire Design.

The practices I share through this site are based upon a lifetime of spiritual and creative practice, decades of meditation, years spent in solitary retreat as a Buddhist monk, years of training in intuitive arts, and years of applying all of this to my work as an interior designer.

Through free guided meditations and intuition trainings, I help fellow spiritual creatives calm their mind, connect with the peace and clarity of higher guidance and release the inner blockages to sharing their unique creative magic with the world.

My Story

I have always been a free-spirited and creative person, but as a struggling art student in the mid 90’s, I found myself depressed and creatively blocked. I was living in a run-down industrial area of Chicago, and there was violence, poverty, and homelessness all around me. I wanted to make a difference, to paint, write and make things with meaning and beauty, but life felt dark and pointless - and so did my art. I didn't know who I was, and I didn't see a place for myself in the world.

At some point, in despair, I prayed for a teacher to show me a way out of the hopelessness I felt. A few weeks later, through a series of synchronicities, I was invited to a public talk by the Dalai Lama. His message and presence had a startling impact on me. Afterwards, outside the auditorium, his car rolled slowly past, and from just a few feet away, he leaned out of the window, smiling and looking directly into my eyes.

The gravity of that moment altered the course of my life. I glimpsed such love in his eyes that I simply had to find out what it was that he saw in me - and seemingly in everyone. I dove into daily meditation practice, studied with Tibetan lamas, and eventually, after years of training and preparation, I received the full ordination as a Buddhist monk from His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself, in his home in Dharamsala, India.

I spent five years as a monk, including two years in solitary retreat in a remote valley in Big Sur, California. Those years were immensely joyful, although not easy. But eventually, thanks to the blessings and guidance of my teachers, I discovered what I had been seeking: free awareness, a shift into the empty, boundless, mirror-like nature of mind, and a feeling of profound joy and interconnection.

This simple perspective shift was the most precious inner jewel imaginable! When applied, I found that it could instantly transform moments of suffering into happiness, confusion into clarity, fear into love. It had been with me all along, but had been too close to see or recognize.

The more I opened to this space of freedom and interconnection, the more I found it to be a source of direct intuitive guidance, infinite creative potential and love for all of life. And the more I saw how this awareness could be brought into any activity, the less I felt called to remain a monk living in retreat.

I saw how my life-experiences and gifts had provided me with a unique set of skills for translating and creatively sharing what I had discovered. And doing so felt increasingly urgent, when so many in our world were in desperate need of effective, non-dogmatic ways of reconnecting with their true nature as peaceful, loving and creative beings.

A few months after leaving the monkhood, I met Joe McGuire, an interior designer who happened to be sitting next to me at a talk in Aspen by the Dalai Lama. As spiritual and creative soul-mates, we quickly became life-partners, and gradually started working together designing homes.

Then, seeking ways to connect more deeply with the energetic web of life-force and intelligence that I had experienced in retreat, and seeking ways to bring this higher guidance and healing potential into the realm of design, I undertook years of intensive training in intuitive arts, energy work and shamanic healing. In 2018, I launched the holistic design consultancy, True Home, in Boulder and Aspen, Colorado.

Now, as a meditation teacher, energy clearer and holistic designer all rolled into one, I find myself on an ever-deepening and widening path of awakening and creativity in the world, in collaboration with the loving guidance of the unseen energetic world.

Through occasional courses and free meditations, I help fellow spiritual creatives unlock their own inner treasure of free awareness, higher guidance and intuitive creativity, so they can unleash their innate gifts and find their unique place, path and purpose in this world.